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We're delighted to have you here. 🌟 Our story began with a shared passion for all things beautiful and whimsical. We believe that every moment is an opportunity to embrace joy, express creativity, and celebrate life in the most magical way possible.

"Lipsticks are my favorite piece of makeup I own and as a woman of color (and a music artist!) I often struggle trying to find color choices that I like"

"Bold and Luscious began as a passion to create a collection of products that look great for many and lasts your busy day, whether you're speaking to a crowd or out to dinner with your family. They're hand-picked, with diversity in mind, and the colors are irresistible and great quality."

-Roberta “Venomiss” Lampley

Founder, Bold and Luscious Cosmetics

Our Story

Although Bold and Luscious officially came to light in 2020, the frame work began in 2016 with a frustration echoed by beauty lovers across the Country. Roberta, who would go on to found Bold and Luscious fumbled over color after color in the local drug store that either didn’t look great on various skin tones or left much to desire in the quality and durability if it did.

As a music artist, she was in front of crowds often. The decision to launch her own cosmetics line became solidified after an embarrassing show photo where her lipstick was on the tip of her nose — literally.

Research and development began and after many “no’s” from manufacturers, Roberta put the idea on the shelf. It wasn’t until during the pandemic of 2020 she was afforded a break from performing and recording and a opportunity to focus in more on finding the right options for her customers. She wanted people to feel confident and empowered.

In July of 2020, the first 8 stick lipstick colors launched and were soon joined with glosses and liquid lipsticks. By 2022 the brand had over 250 items on the website.

In 2021, the brand expanded into skin care options after sensitive skin became an issue for Roberta’s daughter. Roberta set out to create a line of products that smelled amazing but did not cause skin irritation like some generic big box brands. The skin and body products would go on to dominate the sales and become the top ten items on the site only rivaled by the Gloss.

Roberta’s vision of empowerment continues to expand with the addition of an ambassador community and local events and work shops as well as community outreach efforts throughout North Carolina where the headquarters is located.

From a idea to a plan… This is Bold and Luscious Cosmetics!

Our Motto

Be Yourself. Be Bold. Live Outloud.

Bold and Luscious Cosmetics.