Perks of Affiliate Program:

  • Flexible to your lifestyle
  • Earn Coupons for posts, reviews & more
  • Earn FREE items for reaching milestones
  • Get a customized link for your customers
  • Get 25% off each purchase
  • A chance to be our affiliate of the Month

Affiliate vs. Ambassador

Affiliates are offered discounts on their orders. They get coupons and earn free items in exchange for providing feedback and sharing the brand's link. They are the first line of customers learning of the brand.

So what's the difference? Ambassadors work on a deeper level with the brand, completing tasks and campaigns and working with deadlines. Slots are limited in availability and we only open registration a few times per year.


How to Join

Click the button to get started! You'll be generated your link and provided with the general rules of the program via email as well as any information you need to participate. Easy!