About Our Products

Product Information


All products carried by Bold and Luscious cosmetics are produced with manufacture facilities who have many years of experience in the Cosmetics Industry. Our items are made in a sterile facility with proper protective wear and safety precautions. Each product is hand washed before boxing.  We work directly with our manufacturers on the colors, packaging and details of each product.

Product safety of our customers is our priority and we do not home-brew our products for your care and well-being.


Features of ALL Products:

  • Cruelty Free
  • Does not contain animal byproducts
  • Paraben Free
  • Tested for quality and skin irritants
  • FDA Approved as a safe-to-use product for face



More Specific Product Features


About Glassy Gloss:

Glassy Gloss is Vegan-Friendly meaning it does not contain any animal products.  What is considered vegan is different depending on what vegan rules you follow, but it is considered safe to use for vegans. It does contain Vitamin E and Shear Butter. Made in China.



About Stay Bold Lipstick, Luxury Gloss and Luxury Matte:

These products are Halal-certified. Although they are not listed as vegan-friendly, they do not contain animal products. They are gluten free. They contain Vitamin E, Vanillin Extact, Lanolin Oil and Antioxidants. Made in Canada.



Diva Liquid Lipstick:

These products contain Jojoba Seed Oil, Paraben and talc free. Made in Canada.


About That's Simple! Gloss 

Vegan friendly, Paraben and Talc Free. Made in China.


LipSense Lippy 

Vegan friendly, Paraben and Talc Free. Made in China.





If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time. We will answer questions in the order in which it is recieved.