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About Us


Welcome to Bold and Luscious Cosmetics Co. LLC! 


 Bold and Luscious (B.A.L Cosmetics for short), is a niche cosmetics company specializing in colors that look GREAT on all skin shades, with special attention to shades in the range from Olive to Chocolate Brown! 

What makes our selection unique is that our colors are hand-selected by our owner to ensure that our mission of diversity is always on the forefront of our product choices. We also offer a variety of coverage level options from the affordable to the luxury line to provide you with looks from the board meeting to the red carpet and every special moment in between. Our specialty is our lip selection and we are developing new products often.

Founded during the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020, Brand Creator Roberta Lampley grew frustrated with the lack of selection for women of various skin tones and decided to do something about it by launching her own line. 

With 15+ years experience with marketing and management under her belt, as well as years experience as a music artist who self-managed and promoted her other business ventures (plus a passion for great lipstick!!), Roberta set out to launch a brand she could be proud of. In fact, she tested products in her daily life for 2 plus years before announcing the birth of the business venture. 

Roberta wanted a brand that symbolized empowerment, strength and ambition in goal-oriented women like herself. She wanted to create a brand where she could also teach her young daughter and step-daughters about ambition and business ethics. For Roberta, it was important for this brand to represent women all over the World who loved to achieve great things (and also loved to be pampered when the day is done.)

She consulted with her fiance, Gregg Smith who holds a degree in Business Management and is a Navy Veteran with great logistical strengths. Together, they began the journey of creating a brand that reflected Roberta's Mission. Gregg focuses on the logisitcal Business Management goals while Roberta focuses largely on the vision, path, creativity, and product selections.


 Be Bold. Be You. <3


 Love Always, 


Bold And Luscious Cosmetics Co.