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Yours Truly Collection Lashes- No. BL24

Yours Truly Collection Lashes- BL24

  • Hand Made Lashes (cut and assembled by hand)
  • Includes Magnetic liner
  • 10-15 wears
  • Fluffy and comfortable
  • High in Quality
  • Cruelty Free
  • 10-15mm

5-D 100% Natural Length Mink lashes are extremely soft, full of volume and beautifully crafted. Add a bit of subtle glamour to your look.

Each set of lashes comes with FREE Eyelash Tweezers and lash brush for lash maintenance.


Care Instructions

At least once every 5 wears or as needed,  gently remove lash glue with fingers or tweezer from band.  Use Lash Shampoo or gentle baby shampoo in a small container wit lashes to wash. Do not scrub. Gently swish in a circular motion. lay out on a paper  towel and brush gently. Allow to air dry and store in original container to maintain shape.