Body Butters vs Body Oils: What's the differences?

Body Butters vs Body Oils: What's the differences?

Handmade Body Butters and Body Oils are really the hottest items in skin and body care on the market for lots of reasons. Not only are they void of harsh chemicals, most are vegan, contain natural ingredients and work on your skin for hours.  Both make a great addition to a current routine or work well together or as a stand alone solution. The possibilities are endless.

Today we'll be discussing some of the differences in Body Butters and Body oils that make them the perfect dynamic duo.


1) Liquid Vs. Solid

Some people prefer liquid Body oils to solid butters. Liquid oil is going to be lighter on your skin and its a perfect companion to a shower or bath. It combines with your damp skin to push your hydration farther. 

When it comes to solid Body Butters, our Whip Dream Body Butters melt instantly into the skin and provide the hydration you need for the full day. Once your skin has dried, the thicker creamier texture of the Body Butter will allow the moisture to do its work.


2) Scents

Body Butters have a natural undertone of the nutty ingredients it contains. That's because your Butters are made with ingredients ground down from seeds/ kernels. You may notice a hint of a wood type of smell to your Body Butters and this is why. Where as oils, carry the liquid scent further and for longer and don't tend to have an undertone scent. Either can be used independently but many beauties think the scents are even more scrumptious when worn as a companion to one another.


3)  Longevity

Body Oils are definitely a "less is more" type of product. Just a few drops can cover your entire leg or arm. Body Butter is very rich and spreads easily can also covers a large area. In this area, they are equal and its about preference.

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