FAQs: All about magnetic lashes

FAQs: All about magnetic lashes

What are Hybrid Magnetic lashes and why are they revolutionizing the lash game?

There's so many options for lashes these days and it can seem a little overwhelming when you first start looking for your new favorite.  We're all about making your day easier and taking the fuss out of your products where we can, and our magnetic lashes are about as easy as it comes. 

We've rounded up some information you should know about magnetic lashes based on common questions as well as a little history lesson for you. Without further delay, here's everything you've ever wanted to know about magnetic lashes!

BTW, if you need any more information on lashes, we have some how-to information on our BLOG.

Classic Magnetic Lashes vs. Hybrid lashes.

Classic Magnetic lashes first made their waves in the last decade. Boasting they are better for your lashes due to the absence of glue which can harm your lash growth over time, we will be the first to admit it sort of takes a rocket scientist to get them on properly. 

In Classic magnetic lashes, you use a tool to clamp a top magnetic strip with lashes to a bottom strip  with corresponding magnets. The magnets tend to be strong and sometimes clamp before you are prepared. Somewhere in my car under my seat there is a magnetic lash that decided that was where it belonged. The Frustration trying to get them to line up evenly was a real thing.

Enter our hybrid lash technology. We use a lash liner that contains nano flakes of magnet attractive powder (no glue!). Simply line your eye where you want the lashes and apply. Press down for a few seconds. The strip of magnet anchors will stick to the nano flakes i the liner.....and BOOM. done.

It literally feels like a magic trick. We get excited every single application. If you need help, find our application tutorial here.

Are Magnetic Lashes Safe?

Yes. In fact, many consider magnetic lashes safer than traditional false eyelashes that use harsh, irritating glues. If you have sensitive skin or hair follicles and the glue makes your eyes itch, this may be the perfect solution. The easy application and removal of magnetic eyelashes makes them easier on your natural lashes

How do I care for my magnetic lashes?

We actually wrote a handy guide on washing your magnetic lashes, find it here. In short, you'll want to remove old liner and makeup to keep them fresh but we've got some great tips for you. Also, consider our Gentle Lash Cleaner to remove any particles from the lashes.

With proper care, our magnetic lashes last up to 30 wears.


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