Hey Bold Babe! Meet @Glamororous Bronze

Hey Bold Babe! Meet @Glamororous Bronze

We're starting a new series to show love to the faces you see behind the makeup tutorials and transitions on our platform. We'll be highlighting one of our Ambassadors from time to time to our followers and giving our followers an opportunity to learn more about each one.

Meet @Glamorousbronze! Our Cali Bold Babe is known for her eye catching transitions, colorful signature brows and the amount of fun she has creating her content. She's one of the original starting line up brand ambassadors and has been with us since we launched the program in Fall of 2022.

She has been a great addition to the team, helping recruit new Ambassadors, collaborating ideas, and promoting the brand to anyone and everyone. She's created her own TikTok Transition to the catch tune of Doechii- "What it is".

Look out for more creative looks from Glamorous Bronze on our platform and drop her a follow on TikTok! She's featured on our Postcard that comes in our orders this Month as well, so how her some Bold Babe love. We love you! 

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