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How to Avoid Holiday Overload

How to Avoid Holiday Overload

Hey There Beautiful! 

This email comes straight from the desk of an ambitious Brand Owner trying to navigate an ever changing World. I'm here to tell you I'm not immune from the Holiday Blues. It gets tough out here for a lot of us around the Holidays.  To be very candid, this is my first Christmas since the passing of my father and that in itself has been a lot to take in. I found myself having to readjust my expectations of the Holidays post pandemic. 

If you are struggling with Holiday Cheer too, I have one simple advice for you. ( Followed by more advice after the break, of course.) The best advice I could give you is to remember that social media, photos, videos are just a small glimpse into other people's

World. While it can feel like the World may be celebrating without you, there are millions of people just like me who have a hard time keeping pace with all the Holiday Cheer.

I hand picked this list below to help others and encourage them to remember to take care of themselves this Holiday Season! We're a community built on supporting one another and providing a positive break from the negative online World and I hope this list finds someone in good faith and helps them too.

Here's some of the best advice I could think of to simplify the Holidays so they don't get overwhelming!

Feel free to email me to add on to this list. I'd love to hear from you.



Roberta L.-

Bold and Luscious Cosmetics. 

4  Ways to Simplify Your Holiday Season


Post Pandemic Holidays may look different for everyone. Not only have we all experienced life changes, but some in the economy are still recovering financially. Don't focus so much on what you can and cannot do. Instead, refocus on time with loved ones, self care if you don't have a large family. Take the pressure to perform out of the equation.


Instead of big ticket items that leave your pockets hurting, think stocking stuffers, well thought out favorites and goodie boxes. Fill the box with items you know the person would love. Less is more.


If seeing the Holidays on your timeline is too much, turn it off. You are not obligated to keep in constant contact with social media friends. It is okay to disconnect if it is effecting your wellbeing. It will still be there tomorrow and the next day. Disconnect and live in the moment without distractions.


It's very easy to burn yourself out this time of year. Holiday events, family wanting to see one another, work events, children, shopping, cooking and then just everyday life? Yeah.. it gets real, really fast. Remember that you are the most important part in that equation. Its okay to say no, put your phone on silent and do for yourself for a while.

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