What's it like celebrating 2 years as a brand? Check out this recap!

What's it like celebrating 2 years as a brand? Check out this recap!




Let's recap how it went!

This was our first in person event since launching at the height of the Pandemic in 2020. It's a moment we couldn't wait for to be honest. A chance to learn more about our Brand Community in person, share some good times and just create a vibe. 

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Our First In Person Shop

Now I will admit it was a TASK putting everything together in time for our first in person event and making it a celebration of our Brand reaching two years. Initially I started off saying I wouldn't do another event for four years.

After talking with our beauties, we're considering doing other events like makeup classes for beginners, business think tanks, and even self help and stress relief. The sky is the limit and we want to support our community by creating positive vibes to be yourself and let your hair down. 

Good thing you're following our Newsletter, you'll get first notification of our events and pop ups in the future. 

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Give More Than You Recieve.

You've told us you really loved the door gifts and the mystery bags and we're so glad you love it! We worked really hard at this. We couldn't have made it this far without support of the Community so we wanted to give back! 

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The Day was a vibe.


Sparkling Cider and a toast, Cake, Food, Shopping and great music? It was such a chill environment to just come and chill with no drama.  We loved seeing all of our beauties be themselves and relax. 

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We Couldn't Have done it without you!


We could not have had such a fun experience without our customers, supporters and even the other vendors who came out to support. Thank you!  

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