Valentine's Day Ideas

Valentine's Day Ideas

Your beauty fix is here!

Let's face it, being socially distant has sucked for creative expression by way of the art of beauty. But have no fear, there are still things you can do this Valentine's Day to spice up your routine of "mask on, mask off".

Here's 5 hot trending ways you can still display your individuality and look beautiful for yourself this Valentine's Day.




Focus on the Eyes. Think lashes, nude eye palettes with an array of complimentary tones. Or, if you're a pro and feeling frisky, consider a bold eye color since that will be the primary focus of your face.

With our mouths mostly covered in large social settings, a impactful, planned out eye can allow you to show your personality in a new way


Brows make the face. Get your brow game together, boo! Fresh wax, highlight the shape of your brows. The trick here is not to make the brow too dark or it'll be too much of a focus. At the bare minimum, make them neat and a centerpiece.

A fresh wax or thread, a brow wax or gel, a little brushing and grooming can even make a huge change in this department. Take a little extra time with your brow.


If you're lucky enough to have a night where masks are at the minimum ( think outside dates or one on one situations) Consider a gloss and pencil combo that can be retouched as the night goes on if you do have to put a mask on. 

Pro Tip: If you're feeling BOLD and won't need a mask, try our 12 hour lasting lipstick...Think Diva Matte "Wine" for the red lip look.



Lashes are one beauty trend that has thrived during the pandemic. With so much emphasis being placed on eye contact, eyes are finally the center of attention that lips always were.

Valentine's day is a day to find styles that stand out. Try crisscross patterns, alternating lengths and wispy lashes for some spice. If you go with a very simple eye color pattern, you may want to pair it with a long, dramatic lash.  If you do a bolder color choice consider a fuller, shorter length lash. Anything goes here so experiment!

If you need help in the lash department, we've got you covered. Click here to view our best selling lashes!



Never underestimate the power of simply smelling great and yummy! This isn't about loud, obnoxious and overpowering scents. Instead, its about that lingering scent that leaves the object of your affection trying to pleasantly track down its source. When they get close and find its you!  

Yes, honey... do not underestimate the importance of intriguing all senses on date night, its not just about the look, its the whole vibe.

Focus on the skin, sis!  Skin care has been a hot trending topic for over two years because the Pandemic has taken us away from our normal routines which allowed out skin more room to breathe.
In your rush to impress, don't forget the simplest and natural details which go a long way. From making sure you're not ashy, making sure your skin is soft to the touch, and cleansing away impurities.
Get the body scrubs, waxing, exfoliating, and hydrating down to a science in advance so you'll have that skin he can't keep his hands off of. Think sugar scrubs, lip scrubs and body butters! 


Happy Love Day! 💖

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