4 Reasons to Hydrate and Moisturize All Year Long

4 Reasons to Hydrate and Moisturize All Year Long

Time to rethink skin hydration and moisturizing…


We're about to burst a big myth some of us still hold on to from outdated practices passed down from generation to generation. Ready? Ok....

Hydrate your skin ALL year long sis!

Whew. Glad we got that out the way.  Read of for four reasons why this is important. Don't read on if you enjoy having ashy knees, lol.


Tip 1:

Fact: Your Skin LOVES hydration. Think of your skin like a plant. It thrives when watered, nourished and taken care of.  Hydration helps improve texture, keeps skin smoother and softer and helps repair blemishes faster.  While everyone's textures, consistency and DNA are different and play a big part in your skin's performance, Make sure you're giving it a good start by nurturing it.

Tip 2:

Keeping your skin moisturized and hydrated helps your skin balance toxins, outside impurities and carry nutrients. Your skin is the largest organ on your body which requires a lot of balance to keep it running smoothly. Your skin's health and consistency is a complicated formula so be patient with yourself, moisturize and hydrate all year long and see a dermatologist for any stubborn problems.

Gentle reminder to our community: more acne on another person doesn't always mean someone is dirty, eating poorly, doesn't care, etc. There are other factors that can contribute like a need to increase water, hormones, genetic imbalances and more. ( fun stuff).

Tip 3:

It's a great idea to develop a balanced routine that you can rotate between. In the Summer Months, you will want a lightweight moisturizer that doesn't weight down your skin and pores.  Think Face Serums, Body Oils, Body and face creams.  In the Winter, you're going to want heavier product to combat harsher conditions. Think Body Butters, balms, ointments.

Sunscreen should be in your routine no matter your skin shade or time of year. Not only does it protect you from sun damage, it prevents aging.

Tip 4

Your skin likes the routine and structure! Even if your results are slow going, remember it can take your skin up to a year to change its consistency when you make changes. Hydration and moisture is like the on switch for your skin to figure out what you're telling it to do. When hydration and moisture is missing, your skin may become too dry or the opposite and over produce oil to compensate for being dry.  Develop a year round routine and watch your skin thrive.

Happy Hydration and Moisture, Queen!

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