Don't Skip The Sunscreen! Here's Why:

Don't Skip The Sunscreen! Here's Why:

Don't Skip the Sunscreen

As a woman of color, I'll admit sunscreen was not properly taught to our demographic. " You're Black, you won't burn". Was about as far as our conversation went.

In my travels, and in my business research I've come to realize so many people of all demographics don't know a lot about how to choose a sunscreen for them. While there's nothing wrong with grabbing the biggest number and praying for the best, After much research, I've created this handy chart to help you better understand what to reach for. 

I'm no dermatologist, but in a recent visit to my dermatologist he explained to me all the benefits of adding a sunscreen to my skincare routine. I have to admit, the sun is taking its job really serious this year, so I'll take all the protection I can get. Not only does adding sunscreen to your face routine help protect against skin cancers, but it prevents wrinkles and fine lines from forming too. It keeps the skin from changing texture and also provides an extra layer of moisture you need in your skincare in Summer.

Check out the chart below, add a couple of spots of sun care to your routine and thank me later.

Bold and Luscious doesn't carry sunscreens, but we're all about helping our beauties find better routines. Our concealers and foundations do contain SPF15 for an extra layer of protection in case you forget this important step.

Till Next time, gorgeous!

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