Everything you need to know about Water Activated "Hydra Liners"

Everything you need to know about Water Activated "Hydra Liners"

Water activated liners are the latest beauty trend taking the internet by storm. Think water color paints and face painting. Sometimes called Dry liners are pretty cool. By themselves, they're just a dry powdered pot of color that doesn't do anything. Add water to your brush, and let the fun and creativity begin.  The consistency becomes similar to clay or chalk once wet. They are not typically waterproof, but can be used with Water resistant mixing liquid to prevent running.

There's not much history on the origin of Hydra-liners, but they were first mentioned in the 80's and faded out quite quickly, possibly merged with the history of face painting. Beyond that, they emerged again in 2022 with a vengeance for their versatility, eco friendly claims and endless possibilities. 

The great part, is they wash off fairly easy with minimal fuss. Bold and Luscious Cosmetics Water Activated Liners are vegan friendly and come in awesome duo color pots.


How to use Water Activated liners?

The best way to use a water activated liner is with clean water and a thin long tip brush, preferably made from synthetic bristles as they work better with this kind of makeup. Just follow these steps:

how to use Hydra Color Wet Eye Liners

1 - Dip your brush in water.

2 - Rub the brush back and forward against the makeup cake until you notice that the brush is well loaded but nor drippy. It should have a thick ink consistency. 

3 - Rub off any excess makeup of the tip of your brush against the edge of the water container.

4 - Apply on the eye lid, over the lash line (not on the wet line as this is a water activated product) in a simple stroke. You can always do re touches if needed.

5 - Rinse your brush well. 


Do not apply water, or makeup activator directly onto the makeup cake, always apply it to your brush.


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