How -To Guide: Applying Magnetic Lashes

How -To Guide: Applying Magnetic Lashes

How to Apply Bold and Luscious Magnetic Lashes


Step 1. Apply your shadow and eye makeup. 


Step 2. Apply your Bold and Luscious Magnetic Eyeliner and apply 1-2 layers along your lash line. Start at the inner corner of your lash line and trace along until you get to the outer edge. You must apply enough magnetic eyeliner on your lash line to have it stick to the magnetic liner.


Step 3. Wait two minutes for your Magnetic Liner to dry completely. Before you apply your lashes, test to make sure its dry by tapping a finger on the liner to make sure that no liner comes off. 


Step 4. Next, choose your favorite Bold and Luscious magnetic eyelash style and place them along your lash line... your lashes will lock be attracted to the nano technology flakes in the liner and voila!



Now you understand why women everywhere are making the switch from traditional strip lashes to magnetic lashes. You'll feel so confident with Bold and Luscious Magnetic Lashes. Plus, they are easy to apply, and they work so well, you'll feel like a experienced makeup professional in seconds. No more fuss!

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