We Dish The Tea: Our Top 5 Most Asked Customer Questions

We Dish The Tea: Our Top 5 Most Asked Customer Questions

We Answer our top 5 customer questions!
Okay its time to respond to our DMs! We've rounded up our 5 most asked questions and put it all out there for the World.  Got one you don't see below?  Inbox or email it to us so we can do a part two!

Q: "What made you start this brand?" 

I initially started this brand for myself. I love lip products, and as someone who is in front of other people and a camera all the time, I got frustrated with how long it would take me to find quality products that looked good on my skin tone. This was what pushed me to "start"....a genuine love of quality products.

My thoughts on our brand really evolved during the start of the pandemic. I encountered so many women feeling down and not confident. That's where my goals pivoted from me sharing something I loved, to wanting women out there to remember who they are. I have always been the type of woman to put my lipstick on and just handle whatever the World gives me. It's a symbol of strength for me. I wanted to help more women be confident and remember their strengths in a simple, symbolic way of putting on lipstick ( like superman puts on a cape, lol.)

Seeing others get excited over our boxes really makes it all worth it.

"Do you ship Internationally?"

Unfortunately, we do not ship internationally.  We want to master the logistics of North America and provide our customers in our home Country the best service and support before we consider branching out. Also, some of our handmade items are too delicate to make the trip since we do not have production internationally yet. We do ship to Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and more United States territories.

It's something we'll revisit later. In the United States, We're at 25 out of 50 States and we can't wait to finish our map ( and do it again!)

Q: " Which are your best selling products of all time?"

Our best selling item of all time is our Glassy Gloss "Mocha". We have sold over 200 tubes of this color alone. Its a norm to see two or three tubes go ( customers report friends and family stealing it often, lol) . Here's our top 6 selling items of all time in no particular order:


Image of Glassy Gloss XL -

Glassy Gloss XL - "Mysterious"


Image of Glassy Gloss XL -

Glassy Gloss XL - "Skin"


Image of Glassy Gloss XL -

Glassy Gloss XL - "Mocha"


Image of Whip Dream Whipped Body Butter

Whip Dream Whipped Body Butter "Cucumber Melon"


Image of Yours Truly Collection Lashes- No. BL01

Yours Truly Collection Lashes- No. BL01


Image of Whip Dream Whipped Body Butter

Whip Dream Whipped Body Butter "Coconut Kiwi"


Q: "What is your shipping procedures?"

We like to stay transparent and keep our dealings with our customers honest and fair so communication is EVERYTHING. 

Generally speaking orders are processed and shipped within 7 days of receipt, although most times sooner. Orders containing Body Butters ship Monday- Wednesday to allow your package maximum handling time by the carrier to help it avoid unneeded delays. We currently go to the post office Tuesdays and Fridays (weekly)

Here is our general order flow:

Order Received

Label is printed/ Tracking number Generated

Packing Slip Printed/Order is pickled

Order is double checked for quality assurance

Order is sent to Post Office

Post Office Determines Shipping length of time

Receive your package


*** If you ever need more info on our policies , complete info can also be found in the policies links at the bottom of our website.

Q: "Do you do large orders, wholesale or custom orders?"

Have a big event, wedding or just plain want to order 20 of something? Inbox us or email us! We do plenty of custom orders from 10 products all the way up to 1,000. We have done charity events, weddings, birthday favors, you name it! We can create a unique give away item, raffle item, Christmas or birthday surprise and more. This is something done on a case by case basis using our current colors and materials needed to complete the job.

We do offer wholesale orders to brick and mortar physical locations who wish to carry our products. This program is currently done on a case by case, first come first serve basis to allow us room to care for our website customers needs as well. To get started in this program, email us so we can talk about the details first.


If you have questions about your purchase or product, feel free to reach out at any time. We'd love to hear from you!

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