7 Ingredients Big Brands Don't want you to know

7 Ingredients Big Brands Don't want you to know

7 Ingredients Big Brands don't want you to know 

(Because it loses them money)

It seems like every few months, the mainstream industry finds an ingredient that is suddenly in every product. From Coconut oil, to argan oil to turmeric and Keratin. The beauty industry as a whole has an infatuation with obsessing over ingredients, then never talking about them again. But what if I told you there are a few ingredients you should get to know that the beauty industry is scared you'll find out about for its amazing benefits to you?  Pull up a chair, we're dishing out the secrets in this email!


1) Surprisingly.... Just plain water

Water is the first ingredient in hundreds of beauty products on the market for a few reasons. It helps dilute and stretch recipes allowing for larger batches to be made, it makes products easier to use and it adds moisture. Water is on this list for a few reasons, most of them cautionary. Water in itself isn't a bad thing in products but here's some key takeaways.

First, the moment you add water or a ingredient containing water, your beauty products need a preservative to keep it from spoiling.  Now here is where it gets tricky. Water as a main ingredient (in the first five positions on the ingredients label)  can actually do the opposite and dry out your skin.  

Complicated, right? Instead, focus on your internal consumption. Water is not just essential for your insides, it keeps your skin healthy and healing fast too. Big brands would lose out on millions if they told people " first, drink more water." They're also not going to tell you its cheaper for them to add water to the mix of your body and skin products.

Apricot Kernel Oil

Now we move on to the positive ingredients. Apricot Kernel Oil is good for not only your skin but your hair too! In fact, it can even strengthen your hair. It helps reduce aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines and leaves your skin feeling satin silky. Skip the expensive creams with the ingredients you can't pronounce and use some Apricot Kernel Oil on your body! Even better, it runs a low risk of irritating fussy skin because it is great for sensitive skin. Big brands aren't talking about this ingredient simply because using cheaper oils in their products helps their pockets.

Kokum Butter

If you've tried our Body Butters, you know all about this ingredient. In fact, its one of the main ingredients in our body butter for a reason. Big brands don't want you to know about the higher quality butters because it costs them money to provide you quality. We think nothing is too good for out beauties and went right to it.  Kokum Butter has a silky/chalky texture and melts right into the skin. It promotes skin regeneration, contains vitamin e and hydrates for hours. It's a must have ingredient you didn't know you were missing until now. You skin will love the riichness.

Mango Butter

Mango Butter has some awesome benefits. Like Kokum butter, its more expensive than Shea butter and cocoa butter it melts like butter into the skin and since mangos contain both Vitamin C and Vitamin E, you get double the benefits. It's also really great at soothing irritated skin and helps with inflammation too. 

Vitamin C

The beauty industry finally has hopped onto the Vitamin C wave.But they leave out so much of the benefits of vitamin C and opt to just talk about the Citrus smell and "clean feel"... whatever that is.🙄 

Vitamin C is great for brightening dull skin, reduces redness, and helps fight hyperpigmentation. Vitamin C is great for overall skin health and creating a lustrous appearance to your skin. When applied directly to the skin it can work wonders.

Grape Seed Oil

Grapeseed oil is great for so any skin types. It helps with acne, helps improve your skin's ability to bounce back and helps even skin tone. Better yet, some studies show it also helps fight against sun damage. Think of how many products we would never use again if the beauty industry told you this.

Pine Tar

Pine Tar has been around for centuries. It's very low on the irritant scale but it helps the skin shed dead skin cells, fight against impurities and decreases dryness. Pine tar is a natural substance and is often used in soap form.

Big brands may push you towards their expensive skincare systems with ingredients you're not sure about, but pine tar is great for calming down breakouts and promoting your skin to heal.


The good news: some of these ingredients are found in our products, like our Body Butters, our Body oils ( releasing soon) and our face serum ( also releasing soon.) Ultimately big brands are not talking about these ingredients because they don't want you to know how beneficial they can be to you. It would cost them more money to carry them.

What's something you swear by for your skin and body that's not listed here? We'd love to hear from you!

 As always, remember skin care is not one size fits all, allow your skin up to 90 days to adjust to any new routine. We'll survive this pandemic skin together, ladies!

That's it for this issue, tune in next time!

CEO, Bold and Luscious Cosmetics Co.

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