Meet the Ambassador: Nova Jadore

Meet the Ambassador: Nova Jadore


We're all about showing love to our Brand Ambassadors! Today, we're sharing Nova Ja'Dore's Youtube video series called Nova's World With you. Here she explores everything from makeup to baking, to sharing her life as an aspiring female Hip Hop artist. 

Check out her videos below, each of these videos features our brand and how she uses them.

Follow her on Instagram and Tiktok @novajadore for more looks, laughs and shenanigans.

Halloween Look

Halloween Tutorial

Create her gorgeous and original Halloween look following this tutorial!

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Product Reviews

Bold and Luscious Product Review

An honest and candid review of our products from Nova!

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Unboxing Video/ Self Care Time

Watch Nova pamper herself using the items we sent her in her Glam care package.

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