The 5 Best Beauty Tips for Vacation Travel

The 5 Best Beauty Tips for Vacation Travel

5 Beauty Tips for Vacation Travel

Does your skin break out when you're traveling or you just have a hard time finding the best fit for travel to keep yourself beautiful and refreshed? Here's 5 beauty tips for the big travel day on your vacation to ensure you can enjoy your beauty routines the rest of the visit!

Moisturizer is your friend

On flight day, skip your foundation and concealer and focus on hydrating your skin with moisturizer. Also, remember to keep your hands out of your face. This all keeps your skin from drying out and bacteria piling up on your skin as you travel. Travel day should be a less is more approach, your skin will thank you later.

Shimmer goes a long way

If you're feeling dull and need something to revitalize your appearance, a little shimmer goes a long way. Shimmer on the cheeks or bridge of the nose can make you appear more awake and less tired in complexion as you travel.

Skip anything that requires heavy reapplying

Save your lipsticks and heavy eye shadow for when you arrive at your destination. Instead focus on providing moisture to your lips and consider a simple lip like a clear gloss and a nude pencil. For eyes, less is more and skip the heavily done shadow unless if you're going right from the airport to your events. 

Waterproof Mascara or bust

Consider the fact that non waterproof mascara may wound up all over your face if you fall asleep on a plane.  In this instance, false lashes or waterproof mascara may be a better option if you simply have to have the lashes done.

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