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Introducing Clawz®️ Nails collection by Bold and Luscious!

Why we love them:

Gorgeously designed nails don't need to be difficult 💅🏽 If you're a Bold Babe, you probably like to switch up your style and may want more versatility and faster removal options in your life. You may be thinking beyond what expensive salon acrylics offer.

Get the look you want without the high cost or hassle of going to a salon. Clawz®️ faux nails give you total control over your appearance and help maintain your natural nails without the potential damage of acrylics. Plus, they're budget-friendly and time-saving!

How to apply

1. Prepare your nails by removing any excess polish. Wipe your nails down to make sure they are dry and free of oils and debris.

2. Clip your natural nails down with a nail clipper. If necessary, use the cuticle pusher end to push your cuticle back.

3. Choose your nail size for each finger.

4. file down the face of your nail for 5 seconds and the inside of the fake nail to create a base for a stronger bond.

5. Add glue or sticker and adhere to your nail.

Click here to view the full Press on nail guide. 

What's in the package

  • Nails of varying sizes and shapes for your fitting needs.
  • Mini Nail File
  • Mini Cuticle Pusher
  • Mini Nail Glue.
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  • Save Time⏰

    Swift and simple applications help you reclaim some time in your day! Enjoy more 'me' time and less stress in your day with handy pre-made nails.

  • Beautiful Designs💖

    Trim those salon bills! Check out our mix of shades and patterns for a wallet-friendly change.

  • On The Go like you.✨

    Change up any time, any place with easily application press on nails!